AOL Urlesque reporting on ‘SPAM the musical’

SPAM the Musical Will Enlarge Your Interest in Musicals By Three Inches!

If you can do a musical about awesome software, why not one about the biggest waste of processing power ever? SPAM the Musical promises to turn the Edinburgh Arts Festival into a glorious, overwhelming mess when it debuts on August 28th:

This year spam email grows up and turns 30. In the cross-media project SPAM the Musical spam email becomes video art, and with your mouse click it’s turned back into spam. New Media Scotland is proud to announce the world premier of SPAM the Musical at the 2008 Edinburgh Arts Festival to be viewed by chance encounter at unnamed locations within the city. In addition extra footage will be distributed online, virus-like, onto over a hundred international video-platforms.

Check out the press release posted at Rhizome for more juicy tidbits, including descriptions of ridiculous spam e-mails already translated into suitably avant-garde video art. And if you’re broke like us and not taking a trip to Scotland any time soon (heck, we can’t even get to Milwaukee), fret not — you can still be a star in the show!

Anyone can send us his or her favourite email spam. The best will be chosen to become a ‘SPAM the musical’ clip. If your email is selected, we want you to star as our model via webcam or voice-over-IP. To enter email

Make that spam sing, internet! Let’s break a server out there!

Colin McDonald, URLesque 07/10/2010

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