‘Messing with Media’ – RealTime REVIEW

RealTime Sydney reviews ‘SPAM the musical’ being part of Screengrab Festival: “genre-bending, theatrical and very funny”.

NEXT SHOW: AC Institute New York

AC Institute New York showcasing ‘SPAM the musical (THE DYING WIDOW)’ in a group show.

ArtFem.TV falling in love with ‘SPAM the musical’

ArtFem.TV is an online television programming presenting Art and Feminism. And also ‘SPAM the musical’.

Russian Review

Mother Russia loving SPAM.

‘SPAM the musical’ – French Reviews

Reviews in French..also from good old newspaper ‘Libération’.

SPAM the musical – Edinburgh Art Festival (British Reviews)

Invited by New Media Scotland, ‘SPAM the musical’ guerrilla-screened the Edinbrugh Art Festival 2008. Read the British reviews.

EURO-iTV: ‘SPAM the musical’ playing with the commercial world

The 7th European Interactive Television Conference – EuroITV2009 invited ‘SPAM the musical’ to funny Belgium.

AOL Urlesque reporting on ‘SPAM the musical’

AOL URLesque becoming aware of ‘SPAm the musical’

SPAM the musical – The Berlin Installation (German Reviews)

For the first time: ‘SPAM the musical’ as a room installation. In Berlin. And many many reviews.