SPAM the musical

AWARD: X Media Forum / 31st International Film Festival Moscow

Special Mention for ‘SPAM the musical’ at X Media Forum / 31st International Film Festival Moscow / Russia

Russian Review

Mother Russia loving SPAM.

‘SPAM the musical’ – French Reviews

Reviews in French..also from good old newspaper ‘Libération’.

SPAM the musical – Edinburgh Art Festival (British Reviews)

Invited by New Media Scotland, ‘SPAM the musical’ guerrilla-screened the Edinbrugh Art Festival 2008. Read the British reviews.

EURO-iTV: ‘SPAM the musical’ playing with the commercial world

The 7th European Interactive Television Conference – EuroITV2009 invited ‘SPAM the musical’ to funny Belgium.

AOL Urlesque reporting on ‘SPAM the musical’

AOL URLesque becoming aware of ‘SPAm the musical’

SPAM the musical – The Berlin Installation (German Reviews)

For the first time: ‘SPAM the musical’ as a room installation. In Berlin. And many many reviews.