One Response to “CONTACT”
  1. Klara Jutterdal says:


    My name is Klara and I am collecting videos and films for a feministic techno festival in Uppsala, Sweden. I would love to show one, or maybe more, of your films at the festival!

    Even though it is primarily a music festival art is going to be an important part of the festival. We will build a ”mountain” of TV’s where we will show video art, short films and information about the festival-area. There will be head phones attached to some of the screens so that visitors will be able to watch the films with sound. We are aiming for it to be like a video wall or “physical youtube”. It would be great if you would allow us to exhibit some of your art in this way!

    At the moment I can not offer you anything in return, but the spreading of your art. You will be named as one the artists of the festival. We will of course not cut or manipulate your film(s) in any way! I’m very sorry about not being able to promise you any compensation, however if we will be able to pay you I will let you know.

    Below you can find links to our Facebook page, and our art-manifesto (scroll down to read it in english)!

    Best wishes

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