AWARD: X Media Forum / 31st International Film Festival Moscow

SPECIAL MENTION for ‘SPAM the musical’.


Jesper Just (USA/Denmark) + Daniil Lebedev (Russia) + Victor Miziano (Russia) + Bertha Sichel (Spain) + Yang Fudong (China) + Nina Fisher & Maroan el Sani (Germany)

Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) is held since 1959 and gradually it has become one of most respectable and prestigious film-forums in the world. In 1973 MIFF was registered by the International Federation of Film-producers associations (FIAPF) as an «A» class film festival alongside with those in Berlin, Cannes, San-Sebastian, Karlovy Vary and Venice.

In 2009 Media Forum — the most uncommon program at the Moscow cinema festival — celebrates its tenth anniversary. The most avant-garde film experiments, video art and performative multimedia art – multiscreen installation of Yang Fudong, video works of Eve Sussman and Jasper Just, Interactive performance of Ryoichi Kurokawa – were shown at the Media Forum. Media Forum has its own contest of video works involving artists from more than twenty countries and its own lecture programm, during which world headliners hold their master classes, round tables and club events. Subject-matter of the festival 2009 is “New Imaginary: expanding the cinema bothers”. Stressing the idea of syntesis of cinema and visual arts and new ways of creation of visual works, Media Forum always proves that cinematography is in fact much wider than is shown in audience halls. It may be interactive and multiscreen, it may develop a special space enviroment, which naturally includes a spectator, and movies themselves may last for days resembling classical paintings.

Media Forum as action is an exchange of ideas, infusion of new forces into contemporary culture and vice versa. It is an attempt to demonstrate the logic of new thought and new communications. At the moment it is inside media culture that new ideas go through trial and approbation, ideas that cannot be realized in contemporary art context.


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